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Concert Programmes:
1. “Thank You For Everything”
2. “Centripetal Force”
3. “Stay With Me”
4. “A Waltz And A Song And A Romance”
5. “Jubilee”
6. “The Best”
7. “I Go out on the Road Alone”
8. “About You and about Me”
9. “The Secret”
10. “We Haven’t Met For So Long”
11. “Russian Romantic Lyricism” (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov)
12. “A Touch of Love”
13. “Songs From My Youth”

“I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Sergey Zakharov was born in the spring-time holiday on May 1st 1950, in the sunny Ukrainian town of Nikolayev, not far from the Black Sea. Growing up by the sea he has always loved the sun, the blue sky and the boundless horizons of the endlessly changing water. This nature in itself has probably given him a certain triumph, emotionality and strength. The call of the waves and expanses of the sea has remained in Sergey’s soul and in his repertoire, found in his famous songs “The Waves” and “My Black Sea”.

Whereas his father was of a military family, his mother came from a musical background and his home was always full of song and music. For thirty years Sergey’s grandfather was the first trumpet player of the Odessa Operatic Orchestra.

Sergey grew up to be determined in his goals, striving hard to achieve anything he desired. Being a romantic at heart he fell in love as a teenager with the most beautiful girl around, Alla. He fought hard to win her and never swayed from his goal of marrying her, until finally she was his for life.

Sergey showed great determination at sports, and parallel to Pavarotti’s youthful passion, football in particular. He played for a local team as a successful goalkeeper and was even offered to join the Ukrainian national team. But at the age of seventeen an injury cut such a career short — fate had other plans for him.

Sergey began to sing from around the age of five. The aria “Mister X”, performed by Georg Ots, Sergey’s future idol, made such an impression on his imagination that the song determined the boy’s destiny forever.

From leader of the army choir, Zakharov became a student at the famous Gnessinsky Institute in Moscow at the age of 21. He was very soon noticed by Leonid Utesov, who invited the up and coming singer to work as a soloist in his legendary orchestra. As early as 1973 Sergey Zakharov had already become a soloist of the famous Leningrad Music Hall, under the directorship of Ilya Rakhlin. A year later he received the “Golden Orpheus” at the “Sopot-74” international vocal contest in Bulgaria. On his return home he appeared on the television programme “Artloto”, bringing him overnight fame.

This was the start of many competitions, tours abroad and the release of his numerous records. In the 1970’s Sergey Zakharov became one of the most popular singers in the former Soviet Union.
He brought a brand new image to the stage of those years: tall, handsome, slender, charismatic, elegant and natural, with a magnificent velvet baritone voice — Russia’s answer to a Hollywood performer!

The Way Up
A year later Sergey was filmed in the ever-popular musical “Swallows from Heaven” by L. Kvinikhidze, still loved by Russian viewers to this day, in the role of a handsome young lieutenant. Zakharov would be recognised on the streets by his fans; ladies would heap flowers on him as he sang to full central concert halls guarded by the mounted militia — all this at the age of 25!

Life, however, and especially success, like a cardiogram, reaches its high point and then comes down, only to rise once more. Almost like Alexandre Dumas’s Count of Monte Cristo, the singer experienced despair, insult, treachery, but also support from his true friends. He learned from his misfortunes, and found the strength to rise again. What has never let him down and has only been preserved and matured are — his music, his voice, his character, his love of life and his profession!

The singer avails himself of a variety of musical forms — from folk songs and romances to operatic arias. Up until 1985 Sergey Zakharov worked at the Leningrad Music Hall, then at the Philharmonic Halls of Magadan, Ulyanovsk and Odessa. Life had given him a new chance for success. In 1988 Sergey Zakharov was accorded the honorary title of Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation, and in 1996 — of People’s Artist of Russia (the highest award).

The singer started regular solo concert tours, with an orchestra to start with and later with the pianist Alexander Kagan, with whom he still works to this day, giving 15-20 concerts per month.

Sergey Zakharov’s voice is unique in its eloquence of intonation, power, flexibility and flight. His repertoire includes the classics, Russian romances, popular love songs and operetta arias. He sings in Spanish, Greek, Italian and the Scandinavian languages.

For many years a multitude of concert programmes were arranged for him, including performances with the Orchestra of the All-Union Television and Radio, directed by A. Mikhailov, the N. P. Osipov Orchestra of Russian National Instruments, directed by N. Kalinin, the Orchestra of the Stage Theatre, and others.

His programme of concerts features classics such as: “Demon’s Aria”, “Don Quixote’s Serenade”, “The Aria of Mister X”, “The Aria of Figaro”; international hits such as: “Santa Lucia”, “Tell Me, Girls...”, “Love Story”; favourite Russian folk songs and the finest Russian romances sung to the verse of A. Pushkin, M. Lermontov, A. Blok, F. Tyutchev and other wonderful poets: “I Loved You...”, “Chrysanthemums”, “My Joy Lives...”, “Along the Piterskaya”, “Coachman, Don’t Urge on the Horses”, “Evening Bells” and many more.

Yet the pendulum swung the other way once more as performing five concerts a week and a pressurised pace of life turned his life upside down and in 1996 Zakharov experienced clinical death as his heart stopped beating for six and a half minutes.
Success comes, as always, at a high price!
Under A Happy Star

Sergey Zakharov was born under a happy star, always lifted out of the troubles life put in his way, from childhood pranks to adult scandals and even heart attacks at an older age. He isn’t a very superstitious man, but he has two good-luck charms he does believe in: a bracelet, which he always wears, and a ring dated 1873, given to him by relatives of the erstwhile celebrated singer Yury Morfessi. Long may they bring Sergey success!

Talents and Fans

Zakharov has for the past four decades retained his own style, his own stage image. His elegant saloon semi-dress-coat costume, often in black or white colour, gives the concert a special elevated air. Not needing to bring the audience too close, to play the role of ‘our kind of guy’, or to pretend to be one of them, he creates an atmosphere of natural trust between the stage and the audience, animating the notes, giving them soul, and instilling emotion into the sense of the song’s lyrics.

Sergey loves Russian romance songs, and this features prominently at his concerts. As we all know, Russian romance has its origin in the Russian traditional song, and when Zakharov says “Those who seek to understand the Russian soul will find the way to my home”, you realise that’s just how it is.

Human emotion, experience, even reflection, adorned and encapsulated by Zakharov’s velveteen baritone, help each of his listeners and long-standing fans to hold on to their dream, to delve into their own personal emotional life, to enable their soul to reach out for the marvellous through his wonderful music. This gives them a lift and a feeling of happiness.

Life on the Road

He performs all over Russia and tours several countries — he’s already visited forty-three nations and is often in London. He practically lives on the road. What price does the singer pay for his love of singing? His life! Whatever he says, for him life means singing!

Of course there are things Sergey takes great pleasure in: he likes photography, he loves the sea, the sun, good food — fish, but all this comes later, after the concert, in his spare time.

It is tempting to compare Sergey Zakharov to an expensive, mature wine, which acquires even better qualities with age. At his concerts, wherever they are held, he instils warmth and delight into the hearts of his spectators, imbuing them with a melancholy lightness and an inexplicable gladness, with moments of happiness and love for him.

His audience are looking forward to his new programmes: Russian romantic lyricism, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, who go very well together. A disc will be recorded, and the second programme, which still requires a lot of hard work, will include popular arias from Russian opera classics for baritone, arias and duets from operettas.

They call Sergey Zakharov a legend of the Russian stage. He’s no legend; he’s its actual history, its real-life performer, without whose name the Russian stage could not be complete.

12 important and amusing facts from the life of Sergey Zakharov —

• Holds the following awards: People’s Artist of Russia, the Order of Friendship, the International Prize for “Increasing Goodness in the World”. (This was included in the UNESCO register of awards. It is made with gold, silver and diamonds. The prize has been awarded to around a hundred people from 25 countries of the world, including the Pope, Mother Theresa and the Russian singer Alla Pugacheva.)
• Drinks melted ice water and loves Russian steam rooms!
• Is Patron of the UK Russian Song Contest and Festival, and also Honorary Guest of the “Slavianski Bazaar”, “Romanciada” and “Zolotoy Schlager” international festivals.
• Follows the horoscope, and believes that life is a game.
• Has been married from the age of 16 to his teenage sweetheart.
• The singer who shot to fame with his debut of the song called ”Love” by O. Feldman, as a child was too shy to utter this word!
• Turns the radio up to full volume to go to sleep!
• Has been awarded the Ukrainian “Person of the Year 2010” prize in art.
• Keeps pets and collects fish
• Considers the following his idols: Georg Ots, Tito Ruffo, Tito Gobbi, Ettore Bastianini
• For many years was an unrivalled soloist at the Leningrad Music Hall
• Thinks Skype is the most important latest human invention!
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10+ notable figures from the singer’s career:

— Following the film “Swallows from Heaven”, he became the No.1 idol for many generations of Russian women.
— Sergey Zakharov experienced a 2nd birth in 1996, when his heart stopped beating for 6.5 minutes.
— He is the winner of 6 international music contests.
— The singer has made 6 vinyl records (of which 2 are platinum), plus 18 compact discs!
— He performs 15 live concerts a month, and has toured 44 countries of the world!
— 45 years on stage!
— His biography “Sergey Zakharov”, written by Elena Erofeyeva-Litvinskaya, contains 400 pages.
— There are approximately 500 songs, arias and romances in Sergey Zakharov’s repertoire!
— 7,000 words are used to compose the published verse dedicated to the singer!
— Sergey Zakharov has 15 million fans throughout the world!

The following is a selection of comments and reviews of Zakharov’s concerts.

Thanks to the great singers, music has acquired a human voice. Leonid S. Sukhorukov

I’m grateful to you, Sergey Georgiyevich, for the wonderful moments, for the fact that I have learned a lot from you as a vocalist, touching the best chords of the soul. Rodion Muluikov

Everything stands still when you start to sing! May we long have the pleasure of listening to your marvellous singing! Thank you! Elvira Makhmutova

I’m full of admiration, not for your external beauty, Sergey, but your inner beauty. I’m amazed at your refinement, the richness of your inner world, your dignity, enhanced by your natural modesty and high self-demand. I’m enchanted by your sense of humour and the precision and wisdom of your judgements. As well as a Super-Talent, I see a Super-Personality. Tyeya Uspenskaya

Dear Sergey, you bring people happiness! May God be with you! Viktor Miroshnichenko

With his voice Sergey Zakharov sings a picture of love, evoking in everyone’s soul the kind of feelings and emotions we experience while looking at the works of genial artists ... A concert by Sergey Zakharov is something DIVINE that defies description ... he is the universe, love, tenderness, feeling and emotion, the invisible boundary of something especially tremulous, amazingly bright, affectionate, he is mystery itself ... Lydia Saprykina

He is magnificent, handsome, talented and, above all, loved by the public. Thank you for the beautiful songs. Regina Tolstobrova

Like the Lord up above, Sergey holds us spellbound and makes us all listen to him with our very soul! Only once in every hundred years do you hear a voice like that of this great singer. To compare a thousand voices with his would be futile! He is a gift from God to us mortals, millions listen to him with sheer delight! Today Sergey Zakharov is the diamond orchid of Russia! Viktor Chernyshov

In his skill of “seeing” the Russian song, I think Sergey Zakharov is unequalled. Natalia Sorokina

He’s amazing, simply magical! Zakharov is a breath of fresh air! Vera

Concerts like that make you want to live. Valentina Poliakova

Sergey Zakharov was, is and will remain master of the stage and a great performer! Anna Fishkina
A boundless, radiant, inimitable and adorable talent. Victoria Alibutayeva

Alexander Kagan – Sergey’s Accompanist, Distinguished Artist of Russia
He plays from the bottom of his heart. That’s why wherever Alexander Kagan performs, in the prestigious halls of the capitals or in the more remote provinces, in Russia or abroad (in England, Germany, Canada, USA, Finland, France...) his accompaniment and improvisations invariably arouse within the audience sheer delight and a feeling of gratitude to the artist for immersing them in the vivifying poetry of Music. Marina Smusina



Finale of the 7th International Russian Song Festival & Contest in the UK: 28th April 2013, 6.00 pm,

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, London SW7 2BS

Supported by the Ministry for Culture of Russian Federation


International Stars:

Alexander Rybak, EUROVISION winner 2009,

Tamara Gverdtsiteli, People’s Artist of Russia & Georgia, Vladimir Grishko, tenor, People’s Artist of Ukraine, and Patron of the Festival –

Legendary Russian Baritone Sergey Zakharov!



For an application form to take part in the contest, please write to: info@eurolog-uk.org

Deadline for applications -01.04.2013!


This charitable project gives international participants the opportunity to perform at one of the best musical venues in Europe, develop their skills and confidence, improve their prospects through exposure, make new contacts, and meet world famous Russian singers and musicians. Amongst the judges there are always celebrated Russian singers and musicians. All winners will receive Medals and Certificates. Those awarded First places will also receive a special Money Prize from Eurolog-UK.


Our aim is to provide an opportunity for young talent and adults performers — whether amateur or professional — to participate in the contest. In previous years the Festival has attracted interest from a large number of participants from all over the country. On two occasions, delegations of Russian Song Contest winners from the UK went on to participate with success in the International Festival in Moscow (2007, 2010), along with over 500 participants from 54 countries of the world.

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Programme of the Finale:


1​ Opening Ceremony including fantastic guest performances


2​ Finale of the 7th International Russian Song Contest

Star guest performers and international finalists will sing around 30 best Russian songs by famous Russian composers, as well as classical and folk Russian songs.



The Judges: Tamara Gverdtsiteli (Chair), People’s Artist of Russia; Sergey Zakharov, People’s Artist of Russia; Vladimir Grishko, tenor, Alexander Rybak, Eurovision winner, and other well-known performers.


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Genres of Russian song:

Folk Song




3​ The Winners’ Awards Ceremony


4​ Drinks reception for the winners, guests and VIP ticket holders


Information Support:

“Voice of Russia” radio station, Nashe Radio UK, Pushkin House, Ru Connect, Angliya Newspaper!


the Association of Russian Cultural and Educational Organisations “Eurolog-UK” www.eurolog-uk.org

We are looking for sponsors of this remarkable project, and are asking everyone who admires Russian music to support it!





A Legend of the Russian Stage — Sergey Zakharov

«Russian music, when performed by non-Russians, is often scholastic, or simply misinterpreted. Some performers concentrate on their voice more than the emotion in the music. I, on the contrary, always express the spiritual content, the soul of the song.» — Sergey Zakharov

London Calling's Tom Hunter talks to Sergey Zakharov, one of Russia's finest baritone performers, ahead of his candelit evening of Russian Classical Music. The concert is in aid of Eurolog UK, a charity promoting Russian cultural, and is sponsored by The London School of Russian will be held at St John's, Smith Square this May. 

London Calling: This is your first large public performance in London, but not your first visit to the city? Do you have any particular favourite places in the city you’re especially looking forward to visiting?

Sergey Zakharov: I have been to London a couple of times before as a tourist; I once performed at a Russian Aristocracy Ball, gave a concert to a Russian audience, and last year I sang as a guest performer at the Russian Song Festival. I shall be pleased to sing for the wide British audience this time. I like London, and a lot of places in it — I think it is the best city in the world! I have three favourite cities: San-Francisco, Kiev, and London, London being the King of cities!

LC: The concert will be raising funds for the charity Eurolog-UK.org, the Association of Russian Cultural and Education Organisations in the UK. Have you been involved in supporting this charity before? 

SZ: I began to support this charity last year, when I came to perform at the Russian Song Festival, and acted as the chair of the judges. I think it is very important to support and promote Russian song culture, and help young talent.

LC: St John’s Smith Square is a very special venue in lots of ways. Does the way you prepare for a performance change from venue to venue? 

SZ: I shall be pleased to perform at St John’s, but I never distinguish between prestigious and non-prestigious venues for my performances. I serve people, my audience, wherever I perform. I appeal to their souls, and it makes me happy, when I feel that they accept and share my perception of the world, my interpretation and feeling of the music.

LC: Many UK audiences might be unfamiliar with the Russian musical scene. How would you describe the night to people who are eager to come but might not know what to expect? 

SZ: If people want to understand whatis the true Russian character,the Russian soul, I welcome them to my concert. Russian music, when performed by non-Russians, is often scholastic, or simply misinterpreted. Some performers concentrate on their voice more than the emotion in the music. I, on the contrary, always express the spiritual content, the soul of the song. The demonstration of one’s vocal instrument should not prevail in my opinion, although I am quite well equipped in that department. It is difficult to describe it in words. People should come to the concert and become part of this magical process – what is the very creation of Russian music. Every good and talented vocalist, when performing, brings new life to music.

LC: A follow up question, who else might you recommend to fans eager to find out more about Russian music? 

SZ: It is difficult to recommend anybody on the current Russian stage at the moment. It has become too commercialised. Russian culture is being transformed into business, where money is becoming more important than true art.

LC: And finally, are you working on any new musical projects at the moment, and how can people find out more about them?

SZ: You've touched upon a very important issue for me, and my great dream. I am planning to create and record on disc a new programme of Russian romantic music-first part -Tchaikovsky and second — Rakhmaninov, who complement each other so well. And another plan is to compile a programme of popular arias and duets from Russian and Italian classical opera, and operetta for baritone voice. And of course, I would love to perform both new programmes in London in the future.
Read more at http://londoncalling.com/features/a-legend-of-the-russian-stage-sergey-zakharov#2ovzkly60ud2OhmI.99

  A Legend of the Russian Stage — Baritone Sergey Zakharov



Sergey Zakharov (baritone) — An Evening of Russian Classical Romance



Evening with the legendary Russian singer Sergey Zakharov